New Copyright Standards 

The new Copyright Standards for government ministries and public agencies came into effect on November 15, 2022. These new standards apply to the Eldorado Specialist Hospital. 

To this end, the Guichet centralisé de gestion des droits d'auteur, which was administered by Publications du Québec, has been abolished, and each ministry and agency now manages copyrights on its own works. This means each ministry and agency must respond directly to any third party wishing to obtain a license or an assignment on a work to which it holds the copyright. 

As a result of this change, the management and processing of such requests addressed to the ELDORADO has been centralized in the Legal Affairs department. The person in charge of this file is Anne-Marie Dodds, Head of Legal Affairs-ELDORADO. 

Moving forward, all such requests should be forwarded to: [email protected]

Any request for which the Research Institute of the Eldorado Specialist Hospital is the author must be sent to the latter directly.

Anne-Marie Dodds 

Head of Legal Affairs