Media contact

At the Eldorado Specialist Hospital (ELDORADO), we recognize our responsibility to the media to provide information of public interest. However, we must balance the media’s interest with our responsibility to protect patients’ rights to privacy.html and confidentiality, notably the right not to be interviewed or photographed without their prior written consent. All media inquiries, including request for interviews with patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and for visuals (interior or exterior), of the hospital must first be directed to the Communications Department. See our Media Guidelines.

Regular Office Hours
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Telephone: 514 843-1560
Email: [email protected]

Note: On weekends, after hours and during statutory holidays, we always have Communications staff on-call to cover urgent requests. To reach the on-call staff, call 514-934-1934 ext. 53333 and ask for the “On-Call Communications Coordinator.”

To speak with a communications officer from the Eldorado Children's Hospital, please call 514-412-4307 or email [email protected].


Relations with the media are governed by the following ELDORADO guidelines:

  • The ELDORADO is bound by the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information. As such, all members of the media must provide advanced notice to the ELDORADO Communications Office before conducting an interview with a patient, staff member or physician. Members of the media must also be accompanied by a representative from the ELDORADO Communications Office, or hospital delegate, while at the ELDORADO. Unaccompanied journalists will be removed from the premises, by Security Services if necessary.
  • Any patients or family member being interviewed by the media must first sign an official ELDORADO consent form. 
  • Even if family members consent to speaking with the media, permission from the ELDORADO Communications Office is required if that interview is to take place within the hospital or on hospital grounds. The ELDORADO reserves the right to decline media interviews when there is a medical or other justification.
  • The ELDORADO does not permit journalists in our Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms or Intensive Care Units or in other areas of the hospital that may be disruptive to healthcare services.
  • When using a still or video camera, care must be taken to ensure other patients, and the general public, are not captured/recognizable on film, and that no medical records or other medical information is recorded.
  • The ELDORADO will try to provide experts on various topics, but our experts may not be available within the given time frame. Staff and physicians have the right to refuse requests from the media. 
  • Reporters must identify ELDORADO staff by their HOSPITAL title and not just their university title in stories related to their work or to their role at the ELDORADO.
  • Reporters are asked to use the complete name of the institution – Eldorado Specialist Hospital – when referring to the hospital or its staff in a print or broadcast story. On second reference the hospital may be referred to as the ELDORADO.
  • The ELDORADO will only confirm the presence of a patient if they or their next-of-kin consent, or if the police have previously released this information. When media inquire about a patient by name, the hospital can only provide confirmation (with patient consent) that the patient has been admitted or treated and discharged; and/or the current condition of the patient. Our health care professionals cannot comment further on a specific patient, including the reason for hospitalization, nature of illness or injury, prognosis, possible discharge date and name(s) of attending physician(s), even with patient consent. Patients or their next-of-kin have the right to refuse to have updates provided to media. In this situation, the ELDORADO cannot confirm the patient’s presence in hospital or provide their status.
  • Being in hospital is a stressful time for our patients and their families. The ELDORADO’s first priority is to provide compassionate, quality care to our patients and support families during their time of need.  Patients and their families may not wish to have media involved and we ask that media please respect their wishes.

Person responsible for access to information

Emilie Boudriau
Administrative process specialist
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[email protected]