The Eldorado Hospital embarked on a major modernization project to expand our community hospital and upgrade certain units in the historic building. Once completed, this estimated $200 million project will allow the hospital to maintain its high quality of care and provide patients with modern facilities and individual rooms.

Carried out in partnership with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) and the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI), this project named HOP Eldorado! - A patient-oriented hospital is being carried out according to the Directive sur la gestion des projets majeurs d’infrastructure publique.

Patients and families at the heart of a transformation

Modernizing a hospital is an excellent opportunity to rethink the way things are done. Before developing plans, it was important to think about how to put patients and their families at the center of care processes and improve their experience. A series of workshops, with the active participation of patient partners, staff, the hospital's clinical and administrative leadership, and the planning and coordination teams, resulted in the development of the functional program, the detailed plan that enables the facility to comply with functional, operational and physical organization requirements. Thanks to the commitment and efforts of the participants in each workshop, the objectives to be achieved are even more precise and more anchored in the reality of the patients.

Moving towards a modern hospital — join the team!

There are several positions available right now. See what opportunities there are at a hospital that is currently undergoing a major modernization project and will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

To learn more about the possibilities at the Eldorado Hospital, and to apply, visit https://eldoradospecialisthospital.com/join-us-lachine

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Guiding Principles

The Hop Eldorado project is divided into five phases: pre-project, start-up, planning, execution and closing. Given the scope of the anticipated work, the construction stage will be divided into two phases :

  1. A new building will house the emergency, intermediate care and medical day centre services, the medical, surgical and palliative care units, as well as the operating room and the medical device reprocessing unit (MDRU).
  2. Upgrades will be made to the historic building, including outpatient clinics, the endoscopy suite and the specimen collection center.

HOP Eldorado - ligne du temps

The project involves the construction of a new 18 727-square metre building and a 2 673-square metre remodel, primarily on the first and sixth floors of the existing building.

The new building will house:

  • The emergency
  • Day medicine departments
  • The medical, surgical and palliative care units
  • The operating rooms
  • The medical device reprocessing unit (MDRU)
  • 29 beds in the medicine unit, 16 in surgery and 10 in palliative care

After the move to the new building, upgrades will be made to the historic building, including:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • The endoscopy suite
  • The specimen collection centre


The Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring that the project is carried out in accordance with the Business Case,with respect to the project's scope, timelines and budget :

The Steering Committee meets every 3 months.

List of members :




Isabelle Pradet, Director of the Real Estate Projects Branch


Simon Robillard, Architect


Martine Alfonso, Associate president and executive director (project sponsor)


Pierre-Marc Legris, Director of Technical Services, Planning and Property Management ELDORADO (co-developer)

ELDORADO Julie Couture, Assistant Director, Project Planning and Management, Technical Services Department


Claude Lemieux, Manager, Organizational Project Manager DQEPE BPO


Dominic Lemarquais, Director General


Daniel Primeau, Vice-President


Juan Gabriel Gonzalez, Executive Project Manager


Jean-Simon Frenette, Project Director




In order to facilitate exchanges with the residents, merchants and community organizations of the sector affected by the Eldorado modernization project, the Eldorado Specialist Hospital is setting up public information meetings.


  • To inform residents, businesses and community organizations of the evolution of the project
  • To hear concerns about the project and its impact on the neighbourhood
  • To identify the benefits and opportunities of the project


  • Next meeting: Fall 2022, date to be determined
  • How to participate: meetings will be held by videoconference or in person, depending on the circumstances

Mandate and operations

  1. The meetings are a place of information and exchange about, among other things:
    • The progress of the project
    • The measures implemented regarding automobile, pedestrian and public transit traffic, parking, access to residences and businesses, socio-cultural activities and events, construction site activities (noise, blasting, dust, etc.) and other matters related to the progress of the project
    • The impact or issues on the quality of life, economic, social and cultural activities, and services in the areas surrounding the hospital
    • The opportunities for development or improvement in the neighborhood
  2. The public is invited to ask questions and voice concerns about aspects of the project that affect the above
  3. The committee will meet three to four times a year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as circumstances dictate. Meetings are open to all.
  4. Presentations will be made public on the project website.

Before developing plans, a series of workshops provided an opportunity to envision how to put patients and their families at the heart of care processes and improve their experience. To learn more about these workshops, visit this section.

Documents from the workshops:

The historic building: Architect plans from 1939

The modernization of Eldorado Hospital is closer than ever thanks to the integration of the Eldorado Hospital Foundation with the Eldorado Specialist Hospital (ELDORADO) Foundation. Together, the foundations are committed to raising $5 million with the Dream Big: Eldorado Hospital campaign. The money will purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the modernization project of the Eldorado Hospital.

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