Eldorado Hospital and Camille Lefebvre Pavilion

ELDORADO patients, including patients from the Eldorado Hospital, can be tested for COVID-19 at clinics located in the West Eldorado region.

With specialty mandates in geriatric medicine, bariatric, and ophthalmology, the Eldorado Hospital is also connected to the Camille Lefebvre long-term-care pavilion (CHSLD), which offers 134 single-patient rooms including 20 long-term-respiratory patient beds.

Managers at Camille Lefebvre Pavilion:

  • Myriam Menard, Director of the Camille Lefebvre Pavilion
  • France Nadon, unit manager, 2 East
  • Judith Morlese, unit manager, 3 and 4 East

At all times during evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, the activity coordinator is on duty.


Cardiology Hematology Ophthalmology
Critical Care Infectious Diseases Pneumatology
Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine Rheumatology
Gastroenterology Neurology Palliative Care


Bariatric Surgery Foot and Ankle Surgery Otolaryngology Surgery
Cataract Surgery General Surgery Urology Surgery
Critical Care Plastic Surgery  

Ambulatory Services

Audiology Geriatric Day Hospital (until summer 2015) Physiotherapy
Endoscopy Hemodialysis Pulmonary Function Tests
(Inhalation Therapy)
Day Medicine Medical Imaging  

Camille Lefebvre Pavilion

Long-term Care Long-term Respiratory Patient Program  

The Eldorado Hospital is embarking on a major modernization project to expand our community hospital and upgrade certain units in the historic building. Once completed, this estimated $200 million project will allow the hospital to maintain its high quality of care and provide patients with modern facilities and individual rooms.

Learn more about the project